Hibernate Real Battery Saver v5.0 [Pro] APK [Latest]

Hibernate - Real Battery Saver

Best Battery saver app available on play store Hibernate – Real Battery Saver which not only saves and improve battery life of your android smartphone by hibernating the most power consuming apps and settings, it also cools down the CPU of your android device to improve condition of your phone so that you can have a smooth and lagging free experience of using your phone.

The Unique thing about Hibernate is it start working only when the screen is off. It hibernates the power consuming apps and setting you choose to hibernate only when the screen is off, without interfering your day to day operations.

And as soon as you switch on your phone again, all the apps or settings hibernated will start again and continue their regular operations normally, so you don’t have to check or uncheck these apps or setting to hibernate every time. You can choose the apps or settings to hibernate and practically can forget. Hibernate – Real Battery Saver will manage all these for you.

So that you can have more battery power and better condition every time you use your device without any interference in your smart phone experience.

★ App Hibernation
Smart phones today are capable of doing so many things to make user experience smarter. This needs lots of back processes and settings which continuously runs in the background whether you are playing game or using any app. There are so many apps like social media apps continuously run in the background to provide you update of your profile. These type of apps also keep running when you are not using your phone, in the process draining lots of battery power. Hibernate kills these type of apps when the phone is in ideal condition to save ample amount of battery life.

★ Setting Hibernation
There are many setting like Bluetooth,Sync, WIFI and Data Connection which also consume power. Hibernate also shuts down these settings to save extra battery juice and as you switch on your mobile again all the settings you had hibernated will be on working mode again.

★ CPU Hibernation
Whether you are playing a game, updating app or saving a photo in gallery, CPU is working continuously behind all these operations of your smartphone. CPU is the brain of your android smartphone which constantly computing these type of demanding task, which not only drain lots of battery, it also overheat your phone. Hibernate lock the CPU to it’s lowest possible frequency which not only ensure lots of battery saving, it also prevent your smartphone to get heated which gives you smooth and lagging free user experience.

Hibernate – Real battery saver is the best battery saver app which save and improves batter health with overall condition of your smartphone.

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What’s New
✔️Settings Hibernation
✔️Optimized For Better Battery Saving

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  • Hibernate - Real Battery Saver Screenshot
  • Hibernate - Real Battery Saver Screenshot
  • Hibernate - Real Battery Saver Screenshot
  • Hibernate - Real Battery Saver Screenshot

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Hibernate Real Battery Saver v5.0 [Pro] APK / Mirror

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Hibernate: Real Battery Saver v4.0 [Pro] APK / Mirror

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