Call Blocker

The program is designed to block incoming and outgoing calls. At the moment, it has the fastest algorithm for blocking calls.

In the settings you can set the desired method of the application response to an incoming call: reject a call, silent or, if supported by your device and the network, the caller will hear in response “the number you dialed is not available” or “wrong number” or something similar.

The application consumes minimal resources of your mobile device, and all the basic settings can be found in the left sliding panel.

Ease of use of the program as opposed to the standard black list is that all data about blocked calls is stored in a separate program, which has its own log and settings.

Access to the application can be password protected. recovery password to the application is not provided. However, you can reset it by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the password entry screen. After this resetting, all your lists and settings will be reset to the original. The password is not stored in the clear, and encrypted.

The phone numbers that you want to block are recorded in the black list. Whitelist is designed for numbers which will not be blocked. The phone number listed in the white list, can not added to the blacklist, and vice versa.

In the lists numbers are added from the contacts, by manually, from call log and messages history. You can specify the number starts with certain first digits. The numbers in black list can be combined into a group. This is useful if you plan to block calls on a schedule.

In the app you can set a schedule for the whole blacklist, and for individual numbers or groups of numbers.
Blocked calls are displayed in the log. The log can be disabled, and you will never know about the incoming call which was rejected. Also in the settings you can disable only the notifications about the block, while the log will continue to work. You can also export log.

This version supports for blocking calls and messages. But the messages will be blocked only for versions of Android not higher than 4.4 (KitKat). Blocking incoming calls works fast on all versions of supported devices.

In the program you can also enable the block calls from unknown or hidden numbers. Under the unknown numbers in the program includes all numbers that are not listed in your phonebook contacts, that is, a number defined without a name. Under hidden – no number, that is, when the incoming call number is not defined.

You can also block all incoming calls, making your device not available to all callers.
At any time, the application can be disabled. In this case, the application will be nothing to block.

There are other possibilities that you can find out by installing the application.

Any other questions and comments can be set via the app or write an email to:

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  • Call Blocker (Anrufblock) Screenshot
  • Call Blocker (Anrufblock) Screenshot
  • Call Blocker (Anrufblock) Screenshot
  • Call Blocker (Anrufblock) Screenshot
  • Call Blocker (Anrufblock) Screenshot
  • Call Blocker (Anrufblock) Screenshot
  • Call Blocker (Anrufblock) Screenshot
  • Call Blocker (Anrufblock) Screenshot

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Call Blocker v3.57 [Pro] APK / Mirror

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